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Valves & Pumps

Since 2009, we have been specializing in the supply of industrial valves. Our valves are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility by our trusted partners, utilizing advanced technology and CNC machines in accordance with strict European Quality Directive. We pride ourselves on not relying on third-party manufacturers, ensuring adherence to stringent quality standards and offering flexible delivery timelines.

We have four main principal manufacturers, namely BURACCO from France and WALWORTH from Mexico and VIMEC from Italy and Brooksbank from UK. Additionally, we have strong partnerships with numerous other brands from Europe, North America, Korea, and elsewhere. These manufacturers are highly regarded in the oil and gas industry and are approved vendors for major players like TOTAL, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Qatar Petroleum, and Saudi Aramco. Our valves have been supplied to various projects worldwide for esteemed clients such as Exxon, Petronas, MMHE, Shell, CHOC and TOTAL, including multiple projects in Malaysia.

Floating, Trunnion and Rising Stem (Soft and Metal Seated)

Dual Plate, Piston Check, Swing, Non-Slam and Nozzle

Rising, Non Rising and Conduit

Concentric, Double Offset and Triple Offset

Three Way Ball, Plug and Cryogenic

Bronze and Nickel Valves for Ships & Submarines

We also have a dedicated supplier from France specializing in stock valves, fittings, flanges, strainers, and more. Furthermore, we maintain stock of few valves in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia for quicker availability.

All our valves conform to major international standards such as NORSOK, ASME, and API. Additionally, we can conduct various types of non-destructive examination (NDE/NDT) as well as specialized exotic testing such as Type Acceptance Test.

Product Range

Product Range

Product Range

Product Range


OGA Tech can supply various types of pumps such as Seal-less non-metallic Magnetically Driven Pumps, precision helical gear pumps, Alloy gear pumps for chemical services, positive displacement gear pumps etc. And our major pump manufacturers are Allweiler, Houtini, Blackmer, Chemflow, Ranger, Pulsafeeder, Waterfield etc. They are usually included in the AVL of major operators.
Both our VALVES & PUMPS are mainly used in power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, refinery (oil and gas), food processing plants as well as sewerage & water treatment plants. They are mostly included in the AVL of major operators.
Listed below are our main manufacturers and types of pumps they supply:

Fuel Additive & Lube Oils, Wear Plates, Flow Meter & Instrumentations and Defence

We also offer one of our best products named Fyrex Ci from our Australian partner company FIMA for the benefit of consumers who depend heavily on diesel consumption. Fyrex Ci is a diesel fuel additive that is meant to make substantial savings in industries like Domestic Logistic – Ferry and Bus Liners, Coal and Gold Mining, Coastal Guard and Navy, Diesel Power Plants and Land Transportation industries. Fyrex Ci is highly being used in New Zealand, Indonesia and Australia.

Present Satisfied Clients/Customers

Bus Liners

Major areas where Fuel Additive Fyrex Ci can be introduced:

Wear Plates

Wear Plate is known as an abrasion resistant plate used to reduce wear and tear in surfaces that are exposed with excessive friction, heat or impact. It is a cost-effective method of extending the wear life of the machineries and equipment and reducing downtime. Worn sections of the wear plate can be changed rather than replacing the whole plate or sheet. This can easily reduce the operating and maintenance cost of applicable industries.


OGA has been working along with Larsen and Toubro (L&T) and Paras Defence from India for the Defence sector since 2018. We have a Joint Venture with Paras for the supply of Electro Optical Firing Control System (EOFCS), Electro Optical Tracking System (EOTS), Defence and Space Optics, Electronics and Heavy Engineering. Whereas, L&T provides their high-end intelligence for Modernization of Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), design-to-delivery solutions across the defence spectrum – from surveillance to strike capabilities and specialised turnkey defence construction solutions like underground structures, military bases, storage depots, smart infrastructure and modernisation of existing facilities.

List of EOFCS Sub-Systems:

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